How to Get Working Papers

First, get an application form at one of these places:

  • City Of New York (all five boroughs): All young people, in and out of school, must apply at a local public high school office. If you don't know what high school to go to, you can get instructions on where to apply from the New York City Department of Education’s District Family Advocates or call 718-935-2000.

  • Elsewhere in New York State: All young people, in or out of school, can apply at any public high school or school district office.

During school vacation periods, these offices stay open part-time to issue working papers.

Take the application form home and have your parent or guardian sign it. You will need to gather:

  • Proof of age (your birth or baptism record, driver license, state-issued photo ID, school record, or passport)

  • A written statement from a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant that you are physically fit to work. (You do not need this statement to get a newspaper carrier permit if you are able to take part in your school's physical education program.)

Bring these items to the office. If your application is complete, working papers can be issued to you on the spot for part-time work during the school session. It will also allow you to work full-time during school vacation periods.

If you are a high school graduate, you can get a full-time employment certificate.

But, if you have dropped out of school, to get a full-time employment certificate, your parent or guardian must come with you to give consent in person at the issuing office.

If you are 16 years old, have dropped out of school, and live in New York City or Buffalo, you also must have an employer who wants to hire you and will sign a pledge of employment on your application form.

Your employer must keep Student Non-Factory, Student General, Full-Time, and Limited Employment Certificates on file at the place where you work, as long as you keep the job.

You must keep your Farm Work Permits, Model Permits, Newspaper Carrier Permits, and Street Trade Permits in your possession at all times. 

  The deadline for turning in your documentation is early June

  Return all documentation to room 111

 Pick up your Employment Certificate on Thursdays only in room 111

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR APPLICATION -   Working Papers Application.pdf