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Queens Gateway Graduation Ceremony 2018


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Parent Workshop: Parents Role in the High School Application Process

This workshop is for 6th & 7th grade parents and is intended to increase their knowledge about, and minimize the stress that is associated with, the high school application process. The 7th grade parents will understand that they are required and must be prepared to complete an application by November of their 8th grade. The citywide and borough high school fairs, Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) and the advantages of remaining at Queens Gateway will also be discussed. The 6th grade parents will have the additional opportunity to receive information and prepare in advance of their application year.


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The mission of the Queens Gateway to Health Sciences Secondary School is to prepare all students to perform proficiently, exceed academic standards, and find productive pathways to knowledge as they learn to live constructively together. Gateway, through the collaboration of school, home, and community strives to develop high expectations for all students in an educational environment that is safe and nurturing. We are committed to the use of appropriate instructional expertise, guidance services, academics intervention services, and the use of technology to support teaching and learning.

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