Queens Gateway Athletic Department

Queens Gateway Athletic Department

PSAL (Public Schools Athletic League)


Athletic  Director: Robert Trialonas

 Phone: 718-769-3155

    Email: RTrialonas@schools.nyc.gov



Boys Basketball Coach: Andres Lopez

Cross Country Boys and Girls Coach: Carlos Hernandez

Indoor and Outdoor Boys and Girls Track Coach: Carlos Hernandez

Soccer Boys Varsity: Zhani Joanidhi

Volley Ball Girls Varsity: Andres Lopez


Queens Gateway Gladiator PSAL Page




PSAL Forms/Resources


Required PSAL forms for Sports Team Participation


Click for  additional ->  PSAL required printable forms/info  page.

Forms  to download  for review.  #1 and #2 below to be filled out and signed.

  1. PSAL Interscholastic Athletics Parental Consent Form 2021.pdf 

    • make sure all initials and signatures are complete

  2. PSAL Pre Participation Physical Exam Forms_2021.pdf

    •  to be completed by students physician

  3. Concussion Management student parent info sheet.pdf


PSAL Website - Information

PSAL Info Team Requirements

Helpful Procedures at a Glance:

  1. Students must submit a completed original medical form and parental consent form before they can participate in any PSAL tryout, practice, meet, or game.  

  2. Students may not be able to participate on a PSAL team if they fail to submit a completed original medical form and parental consent form prior to tryouts.  (It is under the coaches discretion to collect any forms late)

  3. A new parental consent form must be submitted for each season and sport.  
    Only original medical and parental consent forms will be accepted.   
    Students must meet all PSAL academic and discipline rules and regulations in order to become eligible to compete in the PSAL. 
    Please visit PSAL.org
     for more information about the PSAL.