Student Government Election Videos/Speeches

Arianna Seudath - 6th Grade Representative Candidate

My name is Arianna Seudath and I would like to run for student rep for 6th grade. I want to run for student government, because I think I would make an excellent leader. This would be a responsibility that I take very seriously. If I was the 6th grade student rep, I would the respectful and responsible leader that you deserve. If I was a student representative, I would support my president, vice president, and all other colleagues, and be their extra pair of eyes and ears. The first thing I would do is to help and make suggestions for more fundraisers. I know that student government creates a carnival so to do this we would have to save money from the fundraisers. Also student government could work together with administration so the school can have more educational trips, such as museums, historical monuments, and a boat trip to see the statue of liberty. I would promote unity most of all because I believe that everyone should be kind to one another and work together. Everyone is a leader if you believe you can be. If my family and friends didn't believe in me, I would not be running for student re. But I am glad I am. I appreciate any support and this opportunity to talk to you, and thank you. I am Arianna Seudath and I would appreciate your vote. 

Emily Chomba - 6th Grade Representative

My name is Emily Chomba from class 602 and I am here to tell you why you should vote for me as your 6th grade student representative. first of all, I'll pay attention to you and your ideas for improving our lovely school. However, this won't be easy. We need more money to do this. Now let me ask you something, do you like sweets? If you do then you are in luck. Bake sales would be one of our main fundraisers! Second of all, I will communicate and cooperate with you and the student council if you have ideas and concerns. Also do you new and thrilling movies? Well if yo do, then you should definitely vote for me because, with the help of you and the student council, we can plan more movie events and more trips. All it takes is your vote to have a great year at this fantastic school. Once again, my name is Emily Chomba from class 602 and please vote for me as your 6th grade student representative. Thank you!